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Tuna Mayo Onigiri



1 ½ cups Japanese short-grain rice (2 rice cooker cups)

1 ⅔ cups cold water

85 grams chunk tuna in oil (1 small can)

3 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise such as Kewpie

1 tsp  soy sauce

6 nori sheets



1. Wash and cook the rice according to the directions in the sushi rice recipe.

2. While the rice cooks, open the can of tuna and drain out any excess liquid. Add the tuna to a bowl along with the mayonnaise and soy sauce. Mix well to form a uniform paste.

3. Prepare a bowl of water and a small bowl of salt.

4. When the rice is cooked, stir it to fluff and then transfer it to a bowl to cool slightly and cover it with a damp towel to keep it from drying out.

5. When the rice is cool enough to handle but still on the hot side, wet your hands in the water bowl. Dab your index finger in the bowl of salt and rub the salt around your hands.

6. Working quickly, scoop ⅙ of the rice into your non-dominant hand and make a little well in the center of the rice.

7. Add about 2 tsp of tuna mayo filling into the well and cover the tuna with the surrounding rice.

8. Cup the hand holding the rice like a taco and then use 2-3 fingers of your opposite hand to shape the rice into a triangle.

9. Toss the rice ball onto another side and then repeat the cupping and shaping step. Repeat until the onigiri is the desired shape.

10. Wrap the Tuna Mayo Onigiri with a nori sheet, and repeat steps 5-10 until you run out of rice.

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