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You can contact the e-shop department by e-mail at:

Orders are processed in 1-2 working days from our warehouses.

The online store serves the entire network through ACS.

For more detailed information you can visit the website:

Depending on the distribution point, a period of 1-3 working days is given for delivery.

If the parcel is destined for a remote area, island destination or an area on a barren line, the parcel may take 4-5 working days to reach its destination.

For more information on the branches that service and route parcels in your area please visit the link below:

In case you find a shortage in your order you can contact and our team will assist you immediately.

From the moment the parcel is delivered to the courier, the routes and home delivery are planned and carried out exclusively by the courier.

There are multiple factors that delay the delivery of a parcel, the main ones being sudden, severe weather, local holidays or marine vehicle repairs.

For more information you can check the link below:σημαντικές-ενημερώσεις/

If the parcel has not been delivered for the above reasons, you can contact the e-shop department at to resolve the problem.

When the parcel is delivered to the courier, you receive an email notification with the bill of lading details and the search website.

You can always track the progress of your shipment at the link below: 

The store informs you via e-mail.

In case you have not received a message you can do the following:

If you do not find your message in your main emails, the message may be in your spam.

If it is not in your junk mail, it is possible that either incorrect email details have been provided, or an older email account is not in use.

For your best information, always use a valid and active email address.

To cancel an order you can request a cancellation at

If the order has been paid by credit card, the user needs to send to his IBAN along with the amount of the refund.

You can always contact to add a product to your order.

In the case of adding a product to an order that has been paid by Credit Card or Paypal, the addition is paid in cash upon delivery of the parcel.

In any addition, the parcel may be delayed.

Our online website offers the possibility of issuing an invoice.

On completing your order, you select the type of document to invoice and fill in your company details.

Wholesale orders are processed exclusively via email at:

In your message always make sure to provide:

α) The product codes as they appear on our website:

b)The number of pieces or boxes you want.

c)The details of your company.

The wholesale department will reply to you with their offer and upon your approval it can be executed as an order.

Frozen products can be shipped in two ways:

If you are within range - only in Attica - you can order frozen products from our Wolt app and from our two stores:

Deliveries outside Attica are made exclusively via courier and can only be made by ordering at In order to ship frozen products, orders must be placed at:

  1. Be orders exclusively with frozen products
  2. Only orders that are exclusively for frozen products must exceed the amount of 200€.
  3. The payment is made by bank deposit.

After the above steps have been completed the store sends the products to a carrier of your choice. If you do not have a specific carrier, the store selects one of the partner carriers and provides you with their details via email.

In order for an order to be shipped by carrier, it must meet the criteria of a valid carrier order.

A valid order is considered a valid order:

Above 150€ in dry goods.

Above 200€ in frozen products.

It has been paid by deposit if it is a wholesale order via email or paid by Credit Card or Paypal in the online shop:

Shipping is for transfers within Greece only.

Shipping is outside Attica.

If it is valid, the store sends the products to a carrier of your choice.

If you do not have a specific carrier, the store selects one of the cooperating carriers and provides you with its details via email.

The physical stores and the online store are different, each having separate offers and prices.

Prices listed in the online store do not correspond to the prices of the physical stores and vice versa.

Offer products in the online store refer exclusively to products of the online store and in no case correspond to the prices of physical retail stores.

Delivery orders are made in the Wolt app from our physical stores:

Shipments to Cyprus are still being carried out on a trial basis using the following method:

Order with status.

2) Parcel shipments to Cyprus charge the recipient for shipping and are calculated after the order is placed based on the ACS barometric and volumetric shipping price list for Cyprus.

3) The amount of shipping charges is calculated and sent in a second message.

4) In case you do not wish to pay the shipping costs, the order will be cancelled.

If the cancelled order has been paid by Credit Card or Paypal, a refund will be made.

In case of credit card refund, the IBAN number is requested for the refund.

5) Shipping costs are given to the courier on the day of delivery.

The store serves within Greece and in a trial stage in Cyprus.

Shipments are carried out until further notice in these two areas.

The online store is trying to expand its shipping network for the best possible service within the European area and wishes in the future to offer its services to an even wider network.

The store serves within Greece and in a trial stage in Cyprus.

Shipments are carried out until further notice in these two areas.

Distribution services are not offered on a wide international level.

Our store has an online presence in the following media:

The above links are our only approved platforms.

Any other page is not an official site of the store.

One of our main goals as an Asian food store is to teach the public to love Asian cuisine and, by extension, its culture so that they love it as much as we love it ourselves.

In our stores, our employees are specially trained to answer your questions and teach you as much as possible about the cuisine and its recipes.

To this end, we also make sure to update our website with recipes and information about Asian cuisine.

In the links below you can discover tricks and techniques in the easiest and most accessible way for a great result in your dish.

All relevant information about the ingredients and their allergens, if any, is available on the back of the packaging.

To identify allergenic ingredients always see the ingredients in bold and underlined writing.

Should you wish to be informed of any allergens in our product, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

In case of stock depletion, you can set a reminder in the product information via the function: "Notify me!".

Enter your e-mail address and when the stock is restocked, you will receive a notification in your e-mail.

The Salamat physical stores serve in two areas:

  • The store in Ampelokipi, Athens
  • The store in Akampelopaki, Athens, Greece.

Digital stores serving are the following platforms:

Our website:

Our apps on Wolt:

The store is located at 24 Korinthia Street, in Ampelokipi, Attica.

It is relatively close to main arteries and is accessible from Kifissias Avenue, Messogeion Avenue. It is also perpendicular to Sevastopolous Street.

Our store in Neo Psychiko is located at 3 Republic Avenue, it is close to the Shell petrol station on Kifissia.

Access to the store is via metro line 3 at the stops of the metro line 3: Ampelokipi and Panormou. The walking distance from both stops to reach the store is 10 minutes. 

Access by bus is even shorter, with the main buses serving being the 550 and A7. The nearest stop is Zerva and is 2 minutes away from the store.

The Neos Psychiko store is served by the 550 and A7 lines with the nearest stop being Faros. The time it takes to get to the store is a 2 minute walk.

The metro lines that serve the store in Neo Psychiko are the Ethniki Amyna and Katehaki stops, with a walking distance of 10 minutes from the store.

Physical stores do not have customer parking.

The store in Ampelokipi has opening hours 9:00-21:00

The store of Neos Psychiko has opening hours daily 10:00-20:30 and Saturday 10:00-18:00.

The service hours of the online store are.

Upon telephone contact with the respective store and only for the day of the reservation you can reserve products.

In any other case the store does not accept reservations.

Orders for pickup from stores usually take 1 business day to be ready for pickup.

The store will always inform via e-mail about the availability of products and delivery.

If no pickup notification has been sent, the store cannot deliver an order that is currently being processed.

The order number from the cashier is always requested for pickup by the store after the customer has been notified of order pickup.

The most direct and valid way of updating stock is to contact the relevant department by email: