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Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, was founded in 1986. As a listed high-tech yeast company in China, it specializes in the production of yeast and yeast derivatives. Angel Yeast has 10 international advanced production bases in China, Egypt and Russia. The Steamed Buns of Angel are based on an authentic Chinese..
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P.A.N. Corn Flour (coarse) is extracted from very strong and hard corn kernels. Coarsely ground corn flour is often called kukuruz and is light yellow in color. Since corn flour contains no adhesive protein it is ideal to use for bread and pancake batter and as the main ingredient for Indian flat br..
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P.A.N. Yellow Corn Flour is produced in Venezuela and is very popular in South America. It is used to make corn flour dough, which is the essential ingredient for dishes such as hallacas, bollos and arepas. It can also be used for tortillas, empanadas, gorditas etc. The flour contains no perservativ..
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Farmer Glutinous Rice Flour is made from Thai sticky rice. The sticky texture is ideal for Asian pastries and desserts. With Farmer Glutinous Rice Flour all kinds of rice puddings and desserts are not only very easy to make but they are also ready in no time...
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Farmer Rice Flour is made of Thai long grain rice. The finely ground rice flour is mainly used in Thai cuisine for many dishes, as a binding agent for sauces and it also provides the basis for a good baking dough. With regard to the desserts, rice flour is particularly well suited as a binder for pu..
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This Tapioca Starch from Farmer Brand is a powder made of cassava/tapioca roots. The product is used to thicken meals such as soups and stews and is also called binder...
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Corn starch or cornflour is used as a binder. The product swells when it is added to water and cooked...
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Lobo Battermix for Banana Fritter is a ready batter for fried bananas and is enriched with sesame and peanuts. This typical Asian dessert is a classic of Thai, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. Mix the battermix with water and dip the ripe bananas into the batter. With Lobo Battermix for Banana Fritte..
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When it comes to pancakes or hotcakes as the Japanese would call them, our favorites are made in Japan! It's always fuwa-fuwa (fluffy), soft and delicious!The Hot cake mix of Morinaga, contains 2 small packages of flour mixture. All you will need is a bag of mixture, along with 1 egg and 100ml milk ..
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Praise Gari is fermented cassava flour. This flour is made from peeled cassava tubers and fermented in large bags for a longer shelf life. The product is a clear powder to be mixed with water just like instant polenta. Praise Gari Cassava Flour has a mild, slightly sour taste and belongs in Africa t..
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"Coconut palms that rustle gently in the wind". This sentence is synonymous with the description of the tropical island of Sri Lanka. When someone flies into Sri Lanka, it is the first to see a vast row of coconut palms along the coastline. The scientific name for coconut is Cocos nucifera. The firs..
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Thai Dancer Black Glutinous Rice Flour is used in Thailand for preparing various types of desserts and sweet dishes. The sticky consistency of the flour is ideal for pudding and porridge desserts and turns them dark. You can also use Thai Dancer Black Glutinous Rice Flour for the preparation of Japa..
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Gari flour is made of cassava or manioc. The product is often used in South America and Asia and is glutenfree...
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White King Pancake & Waffle Mix is an instant mix for delicious homemade pancakes and waffles. Serve waffles and pancakes of White King with fresh fruit, honey, sweetened condensed milk or savory ingredients such as eggs and meat...
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Puto are small sweet steamed buns of rice flour (galapong) and a traditional Filipino dessert. Mix the White King Puto (Steamed White Cake Mix) with water and sugar and serve the steamed dumplings with fresh fruit, honey, coconut cream, or sweetened condensed milk...
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Bibingka is a traditional Filipino rice cake traditionally eaten during Christmas time and is accompanied with hot ginger tea, or salabat. White King Bibingka Mix (Rice Cake) is a ready-to-use mix to which water, sugar, margarine, and eggs need to be added. Serve the delicious rice cake with duck eg..
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Windmill Rice Flour is extracted from long grain rice, and in Thailand used for making rice noodles or as a binding agent to thicken sauces. Moreover, dough that is very suitable for a frying or for desserts can be made with rice flour. Windmill Rice Flour can be used to substitute corn flour or pot..
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Windmill Glutinious Rice Flour is made ​​from high quality glutinous rice. Due to its sticky consistency glutinous rice flour is used mainly for Asian pastries, cakes (e.g. sesame balls or mochi) and other sweets...
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