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Coconut sugar

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Palm sugar is the most popular kind of sugar of Asian cuisine. Jeeny 's Palm Sugar is produced from 100% natural palm juice and packed in rolls. These rolls must be reduced in size before use. Use Jeeny 's Palm Sugar for the preparation of Filipino rice cakes (malagkit biko), putu cake (rice flour c..
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Gula Djawa - Javanese sugar 250 grams. Gula Djawa is the name for palm sugar, which is extracted on Java. The sugar has a light caramel taste, but is less sweet than our granulated sugar. The gula Djawa is used in many Indonesian dishes..
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Palm sugar is extracted from the natural juice of palms and has a soft, caramellike and less sweet flavor than brown or white cane sugar. Thai Dancer Sliced Palm Sugar are formed into small rounded cakes and need to be reduced in size before use. Use Thai Dancer Sliced Palm Sugar for desserts such a..
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Rock Sugar is also called rock candy because of its irregularly shaped crystal appearance and sweet taste. This product  is a crystalized and refined sugar type with a transparent light yellow colour.In China, it is used to sweeten chrysanthemum tea, as well as Cantonese dessert soups and the l..
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