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Dessicated coconut & other

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Palm hearts are the edible young cores from the palm tree stems. Thai Dancer Palm Hearts are pickled in brine and have a soft consistency. This vegetable has a nutty flavor that can be described as resembling the flavor of an artichoke or asparagus. Hearts of palm are often eaten raw. Its crisp text..
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The dehydrated, unsweetened white coconut meat with lower fat content, contains no preservatives or additives. As per research "the dietary fiber in LFDC bulks up food, helping to stave off hunger between meals, helps prevent digestive disorders, including constipation and hemorrhoids".This Desiccat..
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100% natural and contains only coconut! Ideal replacement for freshly grated coconuts. The 250g pack is offered in a convenient standup zipper lock pouch. Exceptionally high in nutrients makes it a valuable addition to many meals. Has great culinary uses ranging from curries to soups and the tasties..
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Renuka Coconut (ground) is extracted from very finely ground dried flesh of the coconut and is very popular in Indian cuisine. While coconut (ground) with coconut oil being cooked in a wok your curry gets a typical sweet nutty flavour. Renuka Coconut (ground) contains refractory fats which cause a p..
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