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30 Apr Umami: the secrets of the 5th taste!
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Umami is the core fifth taste. Scientists identified umami taste receptors on the human tongue in 2002 (alongside the sweet, sour, bitter, and salty taste buds). Meaning that umami is an inherent tast..
24 Apr Asian Marinades
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If you like marinades, we will introduce you to the Asian ones . Depending on what you are cooking as a base ingredient, you will find which marinade is best.What do marinades do?They tenderize the fo..
09 Apr Easy Asian Skincare Recipes For Glowing Skin!
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No matter age, gender, skin type or tone, If there’s one thing at the top of everyone’s skin wish list – it’s healthy glowing skin. Asian skincare has risen to become one of the most tried and true me..
06 Feb K-drama Food Guide
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Πόσες είναι οι φορές που ενώ βλέπετε Κορεάτικες σειρές έχετε ζηλέψει τα πιάτα, τα ποτά και τα σνακ που καταναλώνουν;Εμείς πολλές. Γι' αυτό δημιουργήσαμε έναν οδηγό με τις συνταγές και τα προϊόντα που ..
31 Oct Learn how to steam your rice!
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Asian Rice needs its right method to make a perfect fluffy rice.Below you will find all the methods to prepare Jasmine, Basmati and Sushi Rice.How to cook Jasmine RiceKitchen Stove methodIngredients1 ..
17 Oct The right Wok for you!
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One of the most versatile cooking pans in the world, the simple design of woks originated in China and is now used the world over.A wok is a deep, bowl-shaped frying pan with sloping sides that distri..
05 Sep Oolong Tea Benefits!
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What is oolong tea?Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea.It’s made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to make green tea and black tea. The difference is in how the t..
13 Jun Panko, Japanese breadcrumbs!
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What is Panko?Panko (パン粉), sometimes referred to as Japanese breadcrumbs,( panko is Japanese—"pan" meaning bread and "ko" meaning flour), are a special type of breadcrumb designed to be perfect for co..
18 Apr Konjac or Shirataki Noodles, a low calorie alternative!
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If you follow a vegan, gluten-free, keto lifestyle or you just try to keep your carb count low, you'll probably run across konjac in your quest for low-carb products.What is konjac? The konjac plant’s..
21 Mar What is Oyster Sauce?
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Everyone knows about soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and fish sauce, but oyster sauce is slightly more mysterious.What is oyster sauce?Oyster sauce is a rich, syruplike sauce that is used in Chinese cuisine...
23 Feb What is Mirin? How Do You Use It?
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When you think of Japanese rice wine, you probably think of sake. Mirin is pretty close, but there are some important distinctions. In its truest form (called "hon mirin" ), mirin is the product of fe..
24 Jan Some like it hot!
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Spicy dishes are present in almost every kitchen around the world, with spiciness ranging from a little spicy to a feeling of a mouth that is set on fire. Examples are Indian hot curries, Thai soup or..
13 Dec New Year's Food Traditions in Asia!
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New Year is the time or day currently at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar's year count increments by one. Whether a country has its New Year’s Eve celebrations on December 31 or anoth..
24 Nov Health Benefits of Ginger!
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Ginger is part of the Zingiberaceae family, which also includes turmeric and cardamom. It is actually a rhizome, not a root, i.e. an underground stem.  Ginger is one of the most well-known and useful ..
29 Sep What is the difference between ... ?
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Let's learn a little more about the differences between these frequently used products!YAKITORI vs TERIYAKIYakitori and Teriyaki sauce are very similar in the way they are made. Both use sugar and soy..
06 Sep Asian Dictionary! Vol.2
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MIRIN - Mirin  or sweet rice wine is a sweet and syrupy liquid used as a seasoning and glazing agent. Just like soy sauce, it is one of the most important condiments in Japanese cuisine. Similar to sa..
23 Aug Asian Dictionary ! Vol. 1
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When you’re craving Asian food you immediately think of takeout.  What if we told you you could save the delivery time and takeout money and make some of your most beloved dishes at home? Let's start ..
22 Aug Tofu Vs Tempeh
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Tofu vs Tempeh Tofu and tempeh are both whole food forms of soybean. Regardless of whether you’re vegetarian, these increasingly common sources of plant-based protein can be nutritious foods to includ..
26 Jul Korean Pastes : Doenjang, Gochujang, Ssamjang and how they'll upgrade your meals!
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KOREAN PASTESKorean pastes are common raw materials in Korean cuisine, that bring any Korean dish on another level, in terms of taste. You may have seen these pastes in our store or recipes all over t..
24 Jun About Japanese knives
14 Jun Gyoza vs Mandu vs Shumai
31 May How about a spicy meal on a hot day?
17 May Q & A : 5 από τις πιο συχνές ερωτήσεις σας ! Vol. 2
03 May Σωστή ψύξη τροφίμων !
23 Mar Asian noodles guide!
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Τα ασιατικά νούντλς χωρίζονται ευρέως σε τρεις τύπους:  νούντλς από σιτάρι, νούντλς ρυζιού και “glass” νούντλς . Μάθετε περισσότερα για κάθε τύπο παρακάτω, για τα πιο δημοφιλή παραδείγματα του καθενός..
01 Mar Matcha tea, the authentic Japanese tea!
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What is Matcha?Matcha is a powdered form of green tea. For centuries, matcha has been enjoyed in Japan. First by the nobles and later it became a drink that the whole population regularly consumed as ..
01 Mar Is an electric rice cooker worth it?
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Is an electric rice cooker worth it? Can it do more than cook rice? Do you need a rice cooker to make perfect rice? How do they work; We have the answers!The functionality of the electric rice cooker ..
17 Feb Q & A : 5 of your most frequently asked questions !
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It's time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions!What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese soy sauces?          Chinese-style soy sauces are usually made over several weeks w..
10 Feb Types of vinegar and how to use them!
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The word vinegar comes from the French "vin aigre" or sour wine.It is defined as a liquid suitable for human consumption and containing a specified amount of acetic acid and water. Vinegar is low in c..
30 Jan All about spices!
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Ένα μπαχαρικό, γνωστό και ως αρωματικό ή καρύκευμα, είναι μια ουσία που χρησιμοποιείται για να αρωματίσει τα τρόφιμα. Προέρχεται από ένα αποξηραμένο φυτό, συνήθως από σπόρους, φλοιό ή μέρος ρίζας, α..
27 Jan All about curry!
21 Jan The Korean Superfood: Kimchi and Its Health Benefits
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So what is kimchi?“Kimchi” is essentially the process in which vegetables have been salted, seasoned and fermented, which was originally a way of preserving vegetables for the winter months. There are..
07 Jan Japanese superfood: Miso!
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Miso, a type of paste, is one of the hottest ingredients in global gastronomy. It comes from Japan and is the absolute synonym of umami taste. It is made mainly from soybeans, sea salt and rice or bar..
04 Jan Ποιά σάλτσα σόγιας να διαλέξω?
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ΣΑΛΤΣΑ ΣΟΓΙΑΣΗ σάλτσα σόγιας είναι ένα αλμυρό υγρό καρύκευμα που παράγεται παραδοσιακά με ζύμωση φασολιών σόγιας και σιταριού.Πιστεύεται ότι προήλθε από ένα κινεζικό προϊόν που ονομάζεται "chiang" πρ..
29 Dec Coconut oil benefits
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Τι είναι το λάδι καρύδας?Το λάδι καρύδας είναι ένα εδώδιμο ωμό λάδι, που χρησιμοποιείται ευρέως στις τροπικές χώρες εδώ και πολλές γενιές, αποτελώντας την κύρια πηγή μαγειρικού ελαίου στη διατροφή του..
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