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Many brands claim to offer good quality, but Mae Pranom goes one step further. Mae Pranom is fully committed to purity and taste. It comes as close as possible to homemade products. The products are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain no flavor enhancers, artificial colors, preservatives or stabilizers. Mae Pranom's traditional recipes are prepared as intended, without making concessions to meet popular expectations. The sweet chilli sauce from Mae Pranom is a good example. The recipe with completely natural ingredients and a pure taste does not contain stabilizers, which usually prevent the pepper seeds from floating up. As a result, the chilli sauce looks less attractive on the shelves than the products of the competition, which could normally lead to lower sales. But Mae Pranom makes the promise to keep the recipe pure. After Mae Pranom proudly announced that a layer of pepper seeds is a sign of good quality, the brand became one of the largest suppliers of sweet chili sauce in Thailand. The main product, kapi shrimp pie, is known as the most delicious 'trassi' that is for sale. So if the best available flavor is important, then Mae Pranom is an excellent choice. Chili pastes ought to be the essential ingredient in the Thai kitchen. Mae Pranom Chili Paste with Fish contains natural ingredients such as sun-ripened Thai chili peppers, dried shrimp, unions, garlic and tamarind that are refined with fine soy oil. The delicious and spicy herbal chili paste is often used for tom yum soups to express the seafood aroma and to add a hot flavour to the soup. Use Mae Pranom Chili Paste for stir-fry dishes with seafood or as dipping sauce for fried shrimp and other snacks.

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