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Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms is the original brand to bring you the World’s First Ready-To-Eat-Poppadom lentil chips. The chips are well-known for their crispy consistency that makes a crunch sound with every bite! These addictive chips consists of 98% of only lentils, making it a protein-packed snack that is healthy for you to munch on! Made with more protein, more fibre, less carbs, and less saturated fats compared to potato chips,the lentil chips are the healthier choice to snack healthily, as it is cholesterol free and has no trans-fat. The ready-to-eat poppadoms are also certified Halal, suitable for a Vegan and Gluten-Free diet, and have zero MSG in them. Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms perfectly-golden ready-to-eat lentil chips are, perfect for those who prefer snacking on something more convenient and healthy, wherever they are! Let's go back to basics and enjoy the authentic and original taste of the poppadoms! Lightly seasoned with salt, cumin and carom seeds, Uncle Saba’s put a lot of love and care into each bite too! Let the original taste of the lentils speak for itself with Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms Original flavour! Don't forget to enjoy the great and traditional taste with your family and friends! Crispy, crunchy, and simply irresistible!
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