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Fairtrade Original rice noodles are made from the best longgrain rice, grown along the borders of the river Chi in Thailand. At Fairtrade Original it's all about honest products. Local farmers are given tips on how to grow the best rice types for these rice noodles. After the rice is harvested, they..
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Faitrade Original organic Basmati rice is grown in the North Indian Kaithal, an area south of the Himalayas. The unique composition of the soil in this region gives this organic Basmati rice its own nutty flavor and aromatic odor. Basmati rice is a firm and non-sticky rice that is especially tas..
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The Fairtrade Original soy sauce is made in Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand and is made in a completely organic way. After the maturation period of at least 4 months, the soy sauce has a delicious full taste and is the perfect condiment for your Asian dishes...
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Fairtrade Original Organic coconut milk is made from the tastiest organically grown coconuts. Fairtrade Original's products are honest products that are created with the help of local entrepreneurs. This organic coconut milk is made from the coconuts of Kokila, a Sri Lankan entrepreneur who works en..
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