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Use UFC Tamarind Soup Mix to prepare this delicious Filipino specialty. Add shrimp, beans and fish sauce to the slightly sour broth and season to taste with pineapple or mango. This delicious fruity flavor balances very well with the spicy soup. UFC Tamarind Soup Mix is easy and quick to prepare, an..
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Max out the crunch and flavor with Golden Fiesta's Big Crunch Breading Mix! In just 3 steps you now have the most delicious chicken on the table!This mix of UFC Golden Fiesta is completely ready to use and contains 9 different herbs and spices. Simply mix with the chicken pieces and then f..
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The mild soy sauce of UFC is made with only the most carefully selected ingredients. Filipino soy sauces, also called toyo, are milder and sweeter compared to other Asian soy sauces. Do use UFC Soy sauce for refining noodle and rice dishes, for the preparation of meat and fish marinades, or as a dip..
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Banana Sauce, also called banana ketchup, is a traditional allround Filipino condiment. This sauce tastes like tomato ketchup but is clearly sweeter and fruitier thanks to the high content of bananas. UFC Banana Sauce is made from garlic, chilli, and spices and has a delicious spicy flavor. Do use t..
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UFC Hot Banana Chilli Sauce is produced in the Philippines and consists of 35% bananas and is therefore delightful fruity. The spicy chillies combine perfectly well with the sweetness of the fruit and spices. Use UFC Banana Chilli Sauce as a dipping sauce for nachos or prawn crackers as well as gril..
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Universal Food Public Company Limited, or more commonly-known as UFC, is one of Thailand's leading processor, manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits and vegetables, beverages and sauce and seasoning. UFC was founded in October 1969, recognising Thailand as a key producer for a wide range o..
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UFC Coconut Water consists of 100% coconut water and is ideal as refreshment at work, at the gym or at home. The subtle sweet taste of UFC Coconut water not only tastes delicious but is also healthy. The drink extracted from green coconuts is very refreshing. Try UFC Coconut Water together with mang..
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