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Authentic Filipino tamarind soup is easy and quick to prepare with Fil Choice Tamarind Seasoning Mix. This blend is rich in tamarind powder and spices and once mixed with water, it will turn into a delicious spicy, slightly sour broth. Add fresh shrimp, beans, and sweet fruit like mango or pineapple..
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Fil-Choice Banana Chips are a delicious alternative to potato chips and chocolate. These chips provide quick energy and important nutrients for the body. Fil-Choice Banana Chips are roasted in coconut oil and deliciously crunchy. Enjoy this crispy nutrition-conscious snack. Ideal for road trips or a..
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Fil-Choice Purple Yam Powder consists of dried yams (or ube)  with aroma and flavor reminiscent of chestnuts. Yums are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which may benefit your health. Add it to smoothies, smoothie bowls, pancakes, ice cream, juices, water, yoghurts, ..
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