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For those who like it very spicy! They are small, red and fiery sharp. The degree of sharpness is 8-9 on a scale of 1 to 10.Use it for the hot kick on marinades, seasoning sauces, fruity chutneys (e.B. with mango), hearty stews with meat or vegetables, legumes, soups, for seasoning grilled meat..
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These ready-to-eat noodles from Thailand are great for all soups and stir-fries. Wheat noodles are quick cooking and ready within 3 minutes. Add your favorite ingredients with sauce or curry to the wok and your Exotic Food Noodles are ready...
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Exotic Food originated as a vision of two brothers and sisters who both had an affinity for Thai food. She dreamed that their dishes from Thai cuisine were prepared with love in restaurants and households around the world. In 1999 the brand Exotic Food was founded with the sale of a limited amount o..
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