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Kombu kelp seaweed is one of the most commonly utilised seaweeds in Japanese cuisine, as it is one of the main ingredients in dashi soup stock.Made from nothing but dried kombu kelp seaweed, this kombu kelp is naturally full of the L-Glutamates that give Japanese food its rich, meaty, umami flavour...
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Wakame seaweed is a zero-calorie seaweed loved in Japan and Korea. Wakame seaweed's spinach, iron-rich flavours make it a great ingredient in miso soup or as a side dish to go with fish. This wakame seaweed is cut into short flakes, so is perfect for miso soup, and cucumber and wakame seaweed salad...
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Hijiki is a type of seaweed that is very high in fibre and used in many Japanese dishes. Hijiki is most popular as a side dish or filling for onigiri and is popularly believed to help maintain healthy hair.Hijiki has a rich, bitter-sweet flavour and firm, al dente texture after soaking, a great addi..
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Mekabu is the antioxidant rich root of wakame seaweed, undaria pinnatifida. Mekabu seaweed is finely shredded and then dried, so just soak in water to rehydrate.Use the seaweed together with its sticky coating to thicken soups or compliment natto – Serve rehydrated mekabu in seaweed s..
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