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This is a perfect combination of various flours and seasonings, great for Korean pancakes!  Crispier and more flavorful than using plain flour.Just add water, your favorite ingredients. Heat both sides for 3-4 minutes until they turn golden! Enjoy!Resealable package for longer freshness...
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There is a principle in Korea that says that anything can be fried.This frying mix is made from wheat flour and corn starch with a little garlic and onion added to spice things up. Very tasty, it will give body to all your preparations and will remain crunchy for a long time.To use it, simply mix 2/..
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O'Food Korean light soy sauce is a soy sauce that is brewed naturally. It is a light thin soy sauce that can be used for cooking or marinating. Soy sauce is usually used to add salt and depth to your dish. Korean soy sauce (also called ganjang) however, is a little sweeter than the Chinese or Japane..
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Also known as ‘Bulgogi Sauce’, Korean BBQ Marinade packs the thousands-year-old authentic bulgogi recipes into a handy bottle. Perfect as a marinade sauce for beef or any other meats, the blend of key ingredients including soy sauce, garlic, ginger and black pepper gives an authentic Korean flavour...
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With the Korean sauces of O' food you will enjoy the authentic taste of Korean BBQ at home! Gochujang Bulgogi: Sauce for pork based on spices, soybeans, garlic and red hot pepper | Sweet & SpicyThey can be used as a marinade or as an accompanying dip.- Without flavor enhancer, additives and..
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A perfect blend of iconic Korean condiments; gochujang and fermented soybean paste. Spicy Miso Gochujang gives a delicious balance of mildly spicy, savoury and sweet elements. Ideal as a stand-alone dipping sauce for meats and veggies...
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Gochujang is a Korean hot chilli paste, based on fermented soybeans. Gochujang is becoming increasingly popular outside Korea and is often used in marinades and sauces to add extra spice. For example, use it to make Toppoki (tteokbokki), a deliciously spicy dish of Korean rice cakes.This paste is a ..
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An iconic Korean fermented sauce packed with unique Korean flavours. Combining signature Korean ingredients including gochujang (Red Pepper Paste) , doenjang (Soy Bean Paste), sesame oil and garlic, Mild Ssamjang is best known as the dipping sauce for any meat. It is also great as a d..
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