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Flavourful Beef Tteokguk (one portion)Ingredients: Slice type rice cake 200g (1 pack)Soup: Water 500mlBeef brisket: 100gDried kelp 2 pcsDried shiitake mushroom 1 pcWelsh onion 1/2 pcsOnion 1/4 pcsSoak the beef brisket in water to remove residual blood.Boil the beef and other ingredients for soup wit..
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Product Code: 9304
 Rice cake dish are very popular in Korea with endless possibilities of sauces. Usually spicy, but sometimes savory and even sweet. With these rice cakes you can make the famous tteokbokki dish yourself at home!Μέθοδος εκτέλεσηςΕδώ  μπορείτε να βρείτε την συνταγή για Jajang Tteokbokki!..
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