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The Brown Rice Noodles from Toan Nam Brand are produced in Vietnam and are made of rice flour. The rice noodles can be prepared quickly and can be used for stir-fry dishes, soups and salads. The typical Asian product can be enriched with seafood, duck, chicken, pork, vegetables and sauces...
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Rice Vermicelli is made of the starch of the mung beans. Vermicelli is very popular throughout Asia because of its fine consistency and versatility. In comparison to rice noodles, glass noodles are only briefly soaked in water or added directly into the soup. Vermicelli is very suitable for frying o..
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Toan Nam Brand Tapioca Noodles are made ​​from tapioca starch and rice flour. Tapioca starch is extracted from the cassava root. Due to the short cooking time of 3 minutes, these fine tapioca noodles are ideal for fast Asian food. Use the noodles for the preparation of soups, stir fries, and Asian s..
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These Basil Seeds from Toan Nam Brand are sweet, black seeds from Thai basil that turn into a sort of spawn in contact with fluid; gelatin balls with a black dot in the middle. The seeds are ready to use and go well with exotic desserts and beverages...
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Dried Bitter Melon as an easy product for tea. The product consists of dried vegetables which are often used in the Asian cuisine. By adding 4 or 5 slices to a cup of warm water you prepare an all-natural beverage...
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