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S & B Paste was first introduced in 1972 and one of the first wasibi products in paste form. This product has a nice pasty consistency and a pungent taste. Wasabi Pasta of S & B can be used for sushi and sashimi, and brings soba noodles to taste. Nowadays wasabi paste is an indispensable part of Ja..
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The hot S&B Wasabi Powder is mixed with a little water and has a slightly stronger flavor than wasabi paste. Wasabi is known as Japanese horseradish, the green gnarled root of the wasabi plant. S&B Wasabi Powder can be used together with soy sauce as a dipping sauce for sushi and sashimi, but also f..
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Since founding in 1923, S&B Foods has been producing and distributing a dazzling variety of spices, condiments and cooking ingredients, including curry sauce mix, pasta sauce and Chinese food products. Besides being the first company to successfully manufacture curry powder in Japan, S & B was also ..
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