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Garlic is a very popular condiment in Indian and Asian cuisine and is mainly used for stews and for preparing relish (herb sauce). Pasco Garlic Puree contains crushed garlic with a powerful aroma. Use Pasco Garlic Puree for Indian style stews (e.g. lentil stew), kofta or saag panit (cheese balls)...
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Pasco Garlic & Ginger Puree connects the aromatic spiciness of garlic with the fresh aroma and slightly sharp lemony flavor of ginger. This combination is easily digestible and healthy. This ready-to-use paste saves you from mincing the garlic and ginger and has retained its strong aroma. Use Pasco ..
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Ginger is one of the main spices of Asian and Oriental cuisine. Maejin Minced Ginger Paste saves you from chopping ginger, is ready-to-use and has retained its strong aroma. Use this paste for dishes both with fish (seafood) and meat. Ginger has a fresh pungent flavor and is an essential ingredient ..
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While in the West the coriander seeds play an important role in the kitchen, in the East are the green plant parts mainly eaten. The flavor of coriander is hot peppery with a musky aroma, similar to lemon. Maejin Minced Coriander in sunflower oil is an excellent substitute for the fresh leaves with ..
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