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Each and every member of Ottogi is committed to provide ‘Better Quality, Higher Nutrition, and Advanced Food’, and improve the dietary habits of all mankind. From production to sales, including management and research, every member is focused to perfectly execute their jobs, and endeavor to sustain a bright and delightful working environment. Ottogi successfully provides varieties of best products including curry, soups, ketchup and mayonnaise.The key to this success is the endless efforts to fulfill customer needs and achieve the best quality. All of Ottogi’s products are manufactured by state-of-the-art automatic process lines in an extremely hygienic environment.This is the strength of Ottogi, and the ticket to best products. Furthermore, it is the vision Ottogi embeds to pioneer the advancing 21st century. These efforts of Ottogi are the engine to the best quality and best taste. Made with carefully selected buckwheat to provide the deep scent and rich taste of buckwheat. Multi-hydrolysis seasoned noodles from high-quality wheat flour, with rich taste and soft texture. Each binding serves 1 for convenient measuring, and packed in zipper bags.
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