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Swad butter chicken is one of the fantastic ready-made sauces from The Indian brand Swad. The bag contains enough sauce to conjure up a delicious butter chicken curry for 2 people. Often this curry is made with chicken cubes, but if you want to go for a vegetarian version, you can also choose cubes ..
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Swad Vindaloo Curry is a medium spicy curry dish of tomato, spices, cardamom and garlic. You only need to heat the ready-made sauce together with the cubes of lamb or steak. Prefer vegetarian? Then use Indian paneer (Indian cottage cheese). One bag of sauce contains enough sauce for 2 people...
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Swad Goan Fish Curry is one of the delicious ready-made curry sauces from the Indian brand Swad. In no time at all, you can put an authentic Indian fish curry on the table. All you need to add is 250 grams of fish (e.g. mackerel, Tilapia or another firm white fish) and a little coconut milk. You can..
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Swad Korma Curry is a ready-to-eat cooking sauce for 2 people. The fantastic ready-to-eat sauces from the Indian brand Swad ensure that you put a deliciously authentic Indian meal on the table in no time. The Korma Curry is made on the basis of onion and yogurt and gets its distinctive taste from th..
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Swad Tikka Masala is a medium spicy curry sauce that you just need to heat up with tasty diced chicken or Indian Paneer (for the veggy option). Tikka Masala is a tomato-based curry that gets its distinctive flavor from typical Indian flavorings like cardamom, cumin, cinnamon and bay leaf. Add a deli..
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The Hot Mango Chutney from Swad is based on a traditional Indian recipe and adds a spicy, sweet and sour taste to meals. The chutney is very refreshing and can also be used as a dip for snacks. With the spicy kick of extra boiled chillies clings on to its roots of origin in Punjab. Tenderized in Jag..
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The Exotic Mango Chutney from Swad is based on a traditional Indian recipe and adds a sweet and sour taste to meals. In this Swad's Mango Chutney Exotic flavor, sweet mango is combined with various oriental spices such as cumin, cinnamon, onion seed and ginger. The taste is therefore actually v..
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This outstandingly delicious wasabi mayo sauce adds something magical to many Asian meals and snacks suchs as noodles and rice dishes, bami, nasi and springrolls...
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Do you like teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise? Then this is the perfect sauce for you. This outstandingly delicious teriyaki mayo sauce adds something magical to many Asian meals and snacks suchs as noodles and rice dishes, bami, nasi and springrolls or as a dip!..
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This outstandingly delicious sauce of Thai spices and longan adds something magical to many Asian meals and snacks suchs as noodles and rice dishes, bami, nasi and springrolls.The longan fruit is very juicy, mostly water, and high in natural sugar content, so it is very sweet...
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Satay, also called sate, is a famous Indonesian dish in the form of skewered grilled meats. Nowadays this dish has become very popular in Southeast Asia and Europe. Traditionally satay skewers are served with peanut sauce. This delicious Thai Dancer Satay Sauce enriched with peanuts, coconut milk, g..
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Ginger has a spicy, sharp lemony flavor and Asian cuisine cannot be imagined without it. Ginger adds a special flavor and zest to Asian stir fries and many fruit and vegetable dishes, and has been a popular spice and herbal medicine for thousands of years. Thai Dancer Ginger Sauce is suitable for th..
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Black pepper sauce is best known by the Singaporean dish black pepper crab. This aromatic sauce is also appreciated in China and Thailand by lovers of spicy cuisine. With the addition of fresh ingredients and Thai Dancer Black Pepper Stir-Fry Sauce you can prepare simply and rapidly fiery hot wok di..
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Sukiyaki is originally a Japanese fondue dish consisting of beef, tofu, shirataki noodles, Chinese cabbage and mushrooms. The Thai version of this dish is called "Thai suki" and in Chinese it is called translated "brazier". You will get the Cantonese style by smothering wontons, meat and vegetables...
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Yentafo is a delicious Japanese soup with rice noodles, fish balls and tofu. This soup has a distinctive pink color and a sweet and sour flavor. The ready-to-use Thai Dancer Yentafo Sauce is an ideal base for the preparation of the Thai pink noodle soup. Add fresh ingredients such as noodles, seafoo..
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Banana Sauce, also called banana ketchup, is a traditional allround Filipino condiment. This sauce tastes like tomato ketchup but is clearly sweeter and fruitier thanks to the high content of bananas. UFC Banana Sauce is made from garlic, chilli, and spices and has a delicious spicy flavor. Do use t..
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UFC Hot Banana Chilli Sauce is produced in the Philippines and consists of 35% bananas and is therefore delightful fruity. The spicy chillies combine perfectly well with the sweetness of the fruit and spices. Use UFC Banana Chilli Sauce as a dipping sauce for nachos or prawn crackers as well as gril..
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The word Japchae means "mixed vegetables" but the recipe consists of delicate sweet potato glass noodles, along with colorful vegetables and meat!Wang's Japchae sauce is the key ingredient for our recipe! Its taste is salty and sweet at the same time, pefectly aromatic and with soft texture.Order th..
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