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In the old days, fish sauce was simply made in the back yard of every household for Thai family consumption. After discovering great potential in demand for fish sauce and excess in supply of raw material, Thai Fishsauce Factory (Squid brand) Co.,Ltd was established in 1944 by Mr. Tien Chan with an intention to develop high quality fish sauce for Thai community. For over 60 years, Thai Fishsauce Factory has been continuously refining and improving its fish sauce products, monitoring closely on research and development in order to meet with world class standards from the raw material acquisition, production process to the final products. Squid’s vision is to become the most prefered brand in consumers’ mind. Today, Squid Brand fish sauce has become widely preferred condiment in Thai households. After amassing over 60 years of experience in the industry, Squid Brand fish sauce not only caters to the need of the domestic market, but also has found rising popularity and demand in the global market. Since 1974, Squid brand fish sauce has been exported to America, Europe and Australia started of as to serve Thais oversea, then, surprisingly became the most wanted brand among Asian and eventually, the most famous brand among the Western. This Fish Sauce from Squid is made of (anchovies) fish, sugar and salt. The fish is fermented and salted for months, which is why the sauce has such a strong fish flavour. The sauce can be used as marinade, condiment or dressing and goes well with wok dishes.

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