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Lee Kum Kee Chilli Oil is made from soy oil, chilli seed oil and paste and has a fiery hot taste. Chilli oil can be used as an excellent condiment for all kinds of dishes, especially for cold salads, marinades or noodle dishes. Hot chilli goes very well with various ingredients such as meat, fish, v..
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Chilli oil is a popular herbal oil in Asia and in southern European countries. Healthy Boy Chilli Oil contains soy oil, chilli paste and is refined with a hint of shrimp extract and soy sauce. This fragrant oil is very versatile and suitable for refining salads, noodle dishes, sauces and frying. The..
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The home-made recipes of Mae Pranom have an authentic flavor and contain no flavor enhancers and preservatives. Mae Pranom Seasoning Oil is a ruby red soybean oil made ​​from extracts of chili peppers, shrimp, onions, garlic and tamarind. That’s where this herbal oil gets its delicious spicy flavor ..
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Hon Mirin, also called real mirin, is a traditional Japanese cooking wine made from glutinous rice and yeast. Hinode Hon Mirin Cooking Sauce is a wine that can be used for cooking and to enrich the flavor of the food. Mirin is used among other things for the preparation of sushi rice, miso soup, and..
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Khanum Pure Ghee Butter is made ​​from milk fat and one of India’s most important edible fats and a favoured component in Indian cooking. The consistency and taste are similar to clarified butter. Khanum Pure Ghee Butter is no vegetable ghee which has a high amount of trans-fats. Because of its typi..
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Ottogi Mihyang Marinade Cooking Wine Style is a delicious blend of rice wine, vinegar and sugar that can be used as a ready-made marinade for Korean food. This marinade can be spiced up to taste with chilli peppers and soy sauce. Use Ottogi Mihyang Marinade Cooking Wine Style for marinating the meat..
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