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Canned & Preserved Fruits

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Chaokoh Banana Blossom is a long, tapered, tightly wrapped, deep purple bud of the banana palm. Banana blossoms are similar to artichoke hearts in taste. Chaokoh Banana Blossoms are pickled and ready to eat. Use this exotic fruit for the preparation of vegetable curries, stews and for the Filipino d..
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Green Jackfruit is the immature fruit of the hugh jackfruit tree which is 10 to 15 meters high. The fruit is deliciously sweet in taste. Chaokoh Green Jackfruit is pre-cut and ready to use. Use the mild fruit for preparing savory dishes such as gudeg (Indonesian dish with coconut milk and jackfruit)..
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Jackfruit is popular Asian fruit. While many Western enthusiasts must first get used to the smell, jackfruit is a delicious fruit which tastes like honey and vanilla. Chaokoh Jackfruit in light sugared syrup is ready-to-use and can be eaten in a variety of ways. Try jackfruit for the preparation of ..
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Longan is known as the little brother of the lychee because of its similar sweetish white pulp and shape. Chaokoh Longan in syrup tastes sweet and its texture is soft and gelatinous. Chaokoh Longan in sugar syrup can be eaten pure or processed into delicious fruit salads. You can use Chaokoh Longan ..
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Yanang is a popular Thai herb. First World Yanang Leaves are ideal for the preparation of a quick and easy authentic Asian dish. The leaf has a typical spicy flavor. First World Yanang Leaves are most commonly used for Keng no mai, a vegetable soup from Thailand and Laos and for Laotian curries...
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Lychee is an exotic fruit that originated in China and is known for its sweet and fresh taste and its delicious sweetness. Mount Elephant Lychees are rich in vitamin A, B, and C, calcium and magnesium and taste great in fruit salads, ice cream, compotes, and other desserts. Mount Elephant Lychees go..
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Narcissus lychees in sugar syrup are ready-to-eat. Lychees are also called Chinese hazelnuts due to its origin and shape, or love fruits. Lychees are native to China. Narcissus lychees are rich in vitamin A, B, and C and have a refreshing exotic flavor. These fruits are best used for desserts such a..
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Catering to gods own people is no mean task. Swad embraces this challenge with great enthusiasm and with Swad Food Products, a well known house hold brand name in India. Swad makes available premium Wheat & Rice Products all over the world. Swad’s products are available all over the world through mo..
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Palm hearts are the edible young cores from the palm tree stems. Thai Dancer Palm Hearts are pickled in brine and have a soft consistency. This vegetable has a nutty flavor that can be described as resembling the flavor of an artichoke or asparagus. Hearts of palm are often eaten raw. Its crisp text..
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Mango is an oval fruit with slightly fibrous, soft and juicy flesh with a sweet aroma. This exotic fruit is very popular in Asia and South America and is used for desserts and savory dishes. Twin Elephants Mango Slices can be used in desserts such as ice cream, compotes and fruit salads. Moreover, T..
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This Green Jackfruit grows in Thailand and has a fleshy texture with a neutral taste. The fruit is often seasoned and used as a meat substitute. Jackfruit is most popular in Sri Lanka and can be processed into sweets, ice cream, yams or chips...
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Everyone knows this sweet fruit with its mild flavor and wonderful aroma. Banana not only tastes good but is also a fantastic energy supplier with lots of vitamin B. Twin Elephants Bananas in sugar syrup are ideal in case there is no fresh fruit available. Use the pre-cut Twin Elephants Bananas for ..
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Rambutan is also called fake or hairy lychee. “Rambut” means hairy in Indonesian. This spiky red fruit grows in bunches and entails a white juicy meat with a brown seed. Rambutan is one of the most loved fruits in Southeast Asia. The flavour is nicely sweet, creamy, flowery and refreshing...
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